Dumpster Tapes

The independent Chicago tape label recreates the waning pleasure of finding a box of old stuff - Max McKenna on Dumpster Tapes
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Review: Denise Duhamel's Scald

by Angela Sorby
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“Who’s that over there?”

Carmen Merport responds to the conference Communal Presence: New Narrative Writing Today
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Review: Bill Knott, I Am Flying into Myself: Selected Poems, 1960–2014

by Andrew Osborn
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Featuring a dossier on folklore and proletarian culture
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"What I read in the description of the reading of these texts now made impossible is a recurrent dream of Mexican poetry: the dream of its destruction, of its apocalypse. A dream that at least every hundred years is dreamt again. The arrival of the poet as an Avenging Angel who comes to announce the end: the death of God or the disappearance of poetry as we know it. Whatever. It's the same. A new beginning."
Luis Felipe Fabre
from Issue 60.4/61.1

from the archives

Issue 56:02/03, Autumn 2011, now for only $5.00

Edgar Garcia and Jose-Luis Moctezuma on Roberto Harrison

18 January

“…The double is the detail that undoes the world. And that’s a more minor way of thinking about it, but it expands upon the idea that I think shoots through Roberto’s work, and what makes it so exciting for me. There is a real resistance in his work to a one-to-one relationship, of this idea […]

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John Ashbery (1927–2017)
04 September 17
“Our gestures have taken us farther into the day
Than tomorrow will understand.


They live us.”


—John Ashbery (1927–2017), “All Kinds of Caresses,” CR 27:04, 1976


Chicago Review mourns the passing of John Ashbery, one of the greatest American poets of the twentieth century and an ever-generous contributor to this journal. His first poem in CR was “The Mysterious X” (1974), followed by “The Thief of Poetry” and “All Kinds of Caresses” (1976). Of “All Kinds of Caresses,” which was reprinted in CR‘s Fifty Years: A Retrospective Issue, the editors noted: “[Ashbery’s] poetry is famously difficult; as he writes in the following poem, ‘it isn’t absolutely clear.'”

In the coming years, CR would go on to publish four more of Ashbery’s poems (in our 2006 sixtieth-anniversary issue), a letter he wrote in response to poet Eileen Myles (2008), and his correspondence with Elliott Carter regarding their collaboration on “Syringa” (2014). Photographs of Carter’s manuscript sketches alongside Ashbery’s poem text were featured in that special issue, 58:34.

In memory of John Ashbery, we have made all of his contributions to CR (1974–2006) available here.


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Contemporary Latin American Poetry
18 August 17

“Let poetry be like a key / That opens a thousand doors.”

—Vicente Huidobro, “Ars Poetica,” CR 27:02 (1975), tr. Eliot Weinberger.

To celebrate CR’s latest issue on the Infrarealist movement in Mexico, we have compiled a selection of Latin American poetry from CR’s archives. Read the full poems online!

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Seeing Eldzier Cortor
04 August 17

“Perhaps all compelling works of art engage the eye differently over time, and expand one’s capacity to see. For me, this is certainly true of Cortor’s work.”

In Chicago Review 59:4/60:1, Liesl Olson covers the visual artist Eldzier Cortor, whose work is on permanent display at the Art Institute of Chicago. Read the full essay and interview online!

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Unanswerable Questions
25 July 17

“The question forms of contemporary poetry in the ‘tradition of what is unanswerable’ perform the unanswerable as a specimen of resistance to the logic of commensurability, identity, and equivalence.”

In “Unanswerable Questions,” Joe Luna examines the erotetic in contemporary British and American poetry. Read the full piece here.

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