Advertise with Chicago Review


Placing an advertisement with Chicago Review is a great way to expand your audience among readers of contemporary literature. Your advertisement will reach thousands of readers in print and on the web. Our circulation includes:

  • 400 individual subscribers in North and South America, Europe, and Asia
  • 500 university and local libraries across the globe
  • 600 copies distributed to bookstores across the nation
  • 5,000 readers online, through scholarly databases (Ebsco, JSTOR, Cengage Learning) and our website


Sales points:

  • Advertisements share space with contributions from premier authors and critics like John Ashbery, Susan Howe, Helen DeWitt, Rae Armantrout, Stephen Burt, and Ange Mlinko.
  • Advertisements are printed on library/archival-quality paper in handsome, durable smyth-sewn perfect bound volumes.


Advertisement Rates:

For one issue:

  • Half-page: $200
  • Full-page: $350
  • Two-page spread: $500


For two issues:

  • Half-page: $350
  • Full-page: $600
  • Two-page spread: $800


For three issues:

  • Half-page: $450
  • Full-page: $750
  • Two-page spread: $1000


Advertisement Specifications:

  • Image dimensions: 2.5-2.75 x 4-4.25” (half-page); 5-5.5 x 8-8.5” (full-page); 10-11 x 8-8.5” (two-page spread)
  • Image quality: 300 dpi or greater
  • File type: high-resolution PDF
  • Limitations: grayscale or black-and-white only; no full bleeds; images must be restricted to text, line art, and/or continuous-tone graphics

Contact: Eric Powell, Managing Editor