Edgar Garcia and Jose-Luis Moctezuma on Roberto Harrison


“…The double is the detail that undoes the world. And that’s a more minor way of thinking about it, but it expands upon the idea that I think shoots through Roberto’s work, and what makes it so exciting for me. There is a real resistance in his work to a one-to-one relationship, of this idea that self and world are interfused into a held-together unity. But, actually, every unity is held in its opposition. Every unity is held in its Other. And if every unity is held in its Other, anything like “the world,” the “world-system” even, is reduplicable ad infinitum, and therefore, is easy to break apart and change.” —Edgar Garcia on Roberto Harrison

Edgar Garcia and Jose-Luis Moctezuma‘s conversation-as-review of Roberto Harrison’s culebra and Bridge of the World is now under the Commentary section of our website.