A triple issue celebrating the centenary of Kenneth Rexroth’s birth and Chicago Review’s sixtieth anniversary. The Rexroth feature (co-edited by John Beer & Max Blechman) includes Rexroth’s letters to Louis Zukofsky, Yvor Winters (both sides of the correspondence), Weldon Kees, D.S. Savage, George Woodcock, Herbert Read, and Jonathan Williams.  The feature also includes reminiscences and celebrations by Rexroth’s friends and admirers. The feature concludes with a 1980 interview with Rexroth by Bradford Morrow.

To celebrate our 60th anniversary, we’ve launched a special site loaded with archival material, all available as free downloads.


Jesse Seldess, Emily Wilson, Tom Pickard, Fanny Howe, Heidi Lynn Staples, Peter Riley, Władysław Szlengel, Tomaž Šalamun, Christian Hawkey, and John Ashbery. Plus a correspondence between Hawkey and Šalamun

Two Stories—

(“In Like Flynn” and “The Emperor’s Three Hundred Woodcutters”) by and an interview with Wu Ming, the Italian writing collective