The issue includes “Numbers Trouble,” an essay by Juliana Spahr and Stephanie Young on gender and contemporary poetry; a response by Jennifer Ashton; a long response by John Wilkinson to Peter Riley’s letter in CR 53:1, postcards of Ronald Johnson’s concrete poem Balloons for Moonless Nights; and a note on gender representation in literary magazines.


Book V of Ronald Johnson’s Radi os (entitled “The Book of Adam”); “Rising, Falling, Hovering,” the second half of C.D. Wright’s long poem about the Iraq war (the first half of which was published in CR 51:3); and poems by Larissa Szporluk, William Fuller, Sarah Gridley, Roberto Harrison, Mark Tardi, John Peck, Erín Moure, Oana Avasilichioaei, and Elisa Sampedrín


Five short stories by Peter Markus and Jedediah Berry’s “Minus, His Heart”


Georges Perec’s “For a Realist Literature” and Allen Grossman’s essay on communicative difficulty and Hart Crane’s “The Broken Tower”