On Existentialism and Literature —

“Philosophical Reflection,” Paul Wienpahl, “Literature and the Objective Society,” Everett W. Knight, “The Return to the Concrete,” Han Meyerhoff, “Homer and Greek Reality,” William Barrett, “The German Existentialists,” Marjorie Grene, “Philosophy and Nothing,” Paul Wienphal, “Existentialism and Death,” Walter Kaufmann, “Individual as Myth,” Norman Rudich, “Back to the Wall,” Van Meter Ames, “Existentialism and the Novel: Notes and Questions,” John Clellon Holmes, “Existential Criticism,” Colin Wilson, “The Broken Center,” Nathan A. Scott Jr.


Mark Van Doren, Delmore Schwartz, John Hollander, Tim Reynolds, Larry Rubin, Nancy Isaac Kuriloff


Irving Marantz