On Peter Dale Scott—

Alan Williamson, David Gewanter, Mary Baine Campbell, Daria Donnelly, Roger Mitchell, Scott MacPhail

On the Life of Basil Bunting —

Tom Pickard, Colin Simms, Bill Griffiths, John Seed


Hank Lazer, Tomaz Salamun, Matthew Rohrer, Greg Miller, Ciaran Carson, Eleanor Wilner, Cole Swensen, Connie Deanovich, Mark Salerno, John Morris


Rachel M. Harper, André Carpentier


Matthew Rohrer, Michael Heller, William Olsen, Harriet Zinnes


David Grubbs on Michael Fried, Andrew Rathmann on Alan Williamson, Alan Gilbert on Peter Gizzi, Jed Mayer on Nicholas Christopher, Robert Peters on Holly Prado, James Fitzpatrick Smith on Derek Mahon, Barbara Jordan on Mary Karr, Peter O’Leary on C.S. Giscombe, Devin Johnston on Geoffrey Hill