Todd Harvey, Andrew Peart & Nathan SalsburgAlan Lomax and the “Grass Roots” Idea

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Ernesto de Martino (trans. David Gutherz & Daniela Licandro), Death in the Piazza

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Print Arts, Poetics & Digital Culture—


Lisa SamuelsBioautography and Carolee Schneemann’ s VULVA’S MORPHIA

Sophie SeitaThinking the Unprintable in Contemporary Post-Digital Publishing


Rachel Blau DuPlessisSummer Poem

Priscilla BeckerLocked Compulsion, Still Life without Yellow, The Day the Horizon Died, Shhhhhhhh

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On Kenyatta Learning about the Reaches of White Terror, Slicken Then Slack, On the Structure of Birds, A Phoenix Justly Transmutes Ruin

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