Limited Print Copies Remain—

The print issue contains the full special section on Christopher Middleton, including:

Poems and feuilletons by Middleton

Middleton in conversation with Marius Kociejowski

Essays, poems, and portraits by Rosmarie and Keith Waldrop, Jeremy Hooker, Timothy Harris, Günter Kunert, Thomas Frick, Alonso Cueto, Clifford Endres, Gabriel Levin, and Jean-Henri Fabre

A bibliography of Middleton’s writings

A photograph of Middleton by John Anderson on the cover (design by Quemadura)

Also in this issue:


Gustaf Sobin, Alice Notley, Philip Jenks, Elizabeth Willis, Sarah Mangold, John Wilkinson, Christopher Dewdney, Kevin Connolly, Keston Sutherland, Daniel Borzutzky, Landis Everson, John Kinsella, Danielle Pafunda, Camille Martin, J. S. A. Lowe, Jen Lamb, Tim Earley, Gregory Fraser


an excerpt from Lisa Jarnot’s forthcoming novel Promise X


Camille Guthrie by Eric P. Elshtain

Essays and Reviews—

Peter O’Leary on The Letters of Robert Duncan and Denise Levertov, Jeff Hamilton on Robert Duncan’s Letters, Erik Mortenson on Ginsberg’s photography, David Hadbawnik on Kent Johnson’s Miseries of Poetry, Eric P. Elshtain on D.A. Powell’s Cocktails, Bill Mohr on Paul Vangelisti’s Embarrassment of Survival, Daniel Kane on Rae Armantrout’s Up to Speed, Soren Gauger on Jerzy Ficowski’s Regions of the Great Heresy, Stephen Boykewich on Andrzej Stasiuk’s Tales of Galicia, John Beer on Jeff Clark’s Music and Suicide


In memoriam on Philip Lamantia and Guy Davenport